Blanko Basnet

by Blanko Basnet

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Alejandro Yanez
Alejandro Yanez thumbnail
Alejandro Yanez This album for me has a timeless feeling to it and it's intricate in some ways yet easy to listen to while working or just commuting...

Oysters is def. my favorite the only thing I regret is not having known about this band earlier. Cheers!
Gage Herrmann
Gage Herrmann thumbnail
Gage Herrmann Every once in a while, a band comes along that seems to have understood exactly what kind of music I want to listen to and then released an amazing album. This is one of those albums. I've listened to it 6 times in the last 2 days. Favorite track: Layabout.
Taylor Brownlow
Taylor Brownlow thumbnail
Taylor Brownlow These guys get it! More please! Favorite track: Forest.
WELineback thumbnail
WELineback With playful and whimsical melodies, this is an entertaining and enjoyable album. Favorite track: Fencing with Flies.
William Dutcher
William Dutcher thumbnail
William Dutcher so great, and the stickers are cool! Favorite track: Highlight Transparence.
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Recorded and Mixed at the Playhouse Studio in Durham, NC by Jon LeSueur
Produced by Joe Hall and Jon LeSueur
Mastered at the Kitchen by Brent Lambert
All Music and Lyrics by Joe Hall
Lyrics by Joe Hall and Ashlie White on tracks 2, 7, and 11
Keys by Jon LeSueur on track 8
Cello by Leah Gibson on track 5
Drums by Jeff Stickley except tracks 3, 5, and 9
Album Art by John Wendelbo
logo by Nick Sanborn


released August 13, 2013


all rights reserved



Blanko Basnet Durham, North Carolina

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Track Name: Forest
prophet one singing along
rescue dawn turn the light on
exhausted thoughts in my head
rays of red feel them coming

forest daylight got to keep moving
thaw out these frozen eyes
expose the lies creeping in your mind
before they organize

floating home all on my own
finally found the right tone
still climbing almost to bed
lay my head seed’s been planted
Track Name: Fencing with Flies
breaking away from all the madness of
funneling foolish things inside
flee but with life upon the requiem
I know

I saw that you were taking
what should be left behind
I'll find out where you're going
on that you can rely

lost in a cloud of empty messages
flushed in the fallout of your lies
fencing with flies that fill the atmosphere
you go but know you land no blow
Track Name: Layabout
Beelzebug on my rug
take me there through the air
fly and land in my hand
slowly drowning in the sinking sand
rabbit hole I'll follow
jumping out my window
in this dream dopamine
coarsed through my brain and turned black to green

and it seems the enemies have nearly all aligned
in and out we layabout been wasting all our time

she told me stay asleep
you must find Mister Key
on his head playing dead
but there is no probability
show me sir how to piece
what you call phalanges
in the swamp there I'll sing
of shapes that encompass everything
Track Name: Calumny
the voice of calumny
it doesn't sleep alone no never silent
endlessly pretending
to know what we don't know no never silent
folding in shed away
the story changed today but who remembers
pointlessly pretending
to know what we don't know no never silent

voices so old can't keep quiet buy what they're told
countless I know never silent lets mute them all
Track Name: Highlight Transparence
highlight transparence
you can only see when it makes a sound
become transparent
you can only feel when you hit the ground

she's coming up clean
through the muddy water
says all that we are is a warm voice
I’m out in the cold
foggy with the others
all that I need is warm voice

get out of the cold
join me on the inside
you're already warm in the morning
everyone knows
find it on the inside
all that we are is a warm voice
Track Name: Oysters
happy oysters in tow
hold the cord and ride away
half awake in summer
fall asleep and ride away with me

in and out of slumber
sitting with my sister Soon
there we all remember
happy oysters on the vacant noon
Track Name: Lost and Found
I know the way and then I'm lost again
grass is growing underneath my skin
I will cut when I have a new vision
I lost my way and then I'm found again
get goin’ and cut away
Track Name: Aleister
Aleister I know you know
Aleister I know you
contemplate which way to go
contemplate surrender
Aleister I know you know I know you know
elephants in yellow clothes are listening
camouflage the narrative alternate flow
in between the lines a code surrender

time goes by strange it seems
no structure in meaningless things
savory dawn on me
permanent markings in every key

Thelema an orange of mine
Thelema won't squeeze dry
drink it in Perdurabo
suffocate surrender

I'm not over it and I won't forget
I'll go home and sleep for days
up on top of all that platitude
there's a room with a view
when I find it I won't stay
Track Name: Nothing Left
if there's nothing left to know I'll go
lift the roots of trees exposed I'll go

and find out my mind is in the gutter
kicking rocks over the heads of others

if there's nothing left to know I'll go
break the mold in form and flow I'll go

and realize there's nothing to recover
picking locks but nothing to discover

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